Lesia Miga is a Canadian artist, and recent graduate from the Ontario College of Art and Design University. Integrating her experience in theatre, Lesia has experimented with many different mediums such as analog and digital photography,videography, performance, printmaking, and sculpture. Her work explores the body as a tool that communicates and performs presence, and the impression bodies can leave in physical and emotional spaces.

Lesia’s most recent body of work, Bereavement 2016 – Present, is a personal project that focuses on carving labyrinths as physical manifestations of the grieving process, in order to represent and work through the grief of losing her sister. Through the performance, Lesia uses her hands to physically move natural materials such as sand, dirt and leaves on the ground in order to create a life sized and ephemeral imprint of the labyrinth.

            In the future, Lesia intends to continue exploring intersections of the body and it’s presence,self-care, ephemerality, and performance.

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